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We help women and men boost their confidence by enhancing their appearance with permanent make up. We are Phi Brows trained and 12 times certified. Located in Severn, MD. Services are by appointment only.

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Brow-ish Brow Art Clinic is a premier permanent make up and para-medical tattoo clinic in  Severn, MD.  unlike any you've experienced.

We create and curate one of a kind permanent make up (brows and lips) and areola reconstruction appointments unlike any other. When you come to our salon, you are met with beautiful aromatherapy, bright colors and a plush, relaxing massage table for a unique and creative brow experience.

Let me take your thinning brows, poorly shaped brows, or no brows and turn them into custom brows shaped for YOUR face, not from a stencil!


If you have had breast reconstruction, I can re-create your areolas specifically for your body! Do you have dark lips and would like them a more neutral color, we can make that happen here, all you need is an appointment!

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Mon - Sun :

By Appointment Only

Mon - Sun :

By Appointment Only


T Haynes

It's been over 3 weeks since my initial appointment. I waited to give time to see if I would still love them after some time has passed. I DO! I was a little nervous and I will say she made me feel at ease. She was very warm and welcoming. She answered all of my questions and I didn't feel rushed. She is very professional and a perfectionist!!!! I was not a fan of the initial look because it was a little darker than I liked but as the days passed, the color faded and I really was in love with them. Now my brows are filled and look full. They are just what I wanted, not too much and not over the top; a natural look although they are tattooed. I highly recommend you check her out.

Gary Williams

2 months ago

If it wasn't for my wife's recommendation I would not have gotten my eyebrows done. I had lighter colored eyebrows then my hair,beard etc. It bothered me. No matter what anyone say to you , you have to like what YOU see about YOU ! And as a man we don't do these things. However I'm glad I did. And I am REALLY more then glad I went to Brow-ish ! I actually went to sleep while she was working on me. Her Spirit shines.,so positive. Anyway you can't go wrong with this Blessed young Lady! She was Great the first time I went to her and was even better when I got a touch-up 2 years later !!

Services: Microshading, Microblading

Shayla Brooks

My experience here was nothing less than absolutely AMAZING! Felicia was professional, knowledgeable and warm. She very carefully cleaned and shaped my brows to complete perfection. Her suite was beautifully decorated, I found it to be very relaxing. I am a forever client! Her brow services will definitely take you to the next level of sexy for sure. Thank you Felicia.

Service received: Long Lasting Premium Henna Brow


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