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3-D Paramedical Tattoo

Also called areola and nipple micropigmentation, it’s the final step of breast reconstruction. 3-D nipple/areola tattoos after mastectomy give the reconstructed nipple back the color or a natural nipple, and can give the areola – the circular stretch of colored skin around the nipple – the illusion of natural texture by adding the appearance of Montgomery glands (little bumps) as well as tension around the nipple.

This treatment is a form of paramedical micropigmentation, and it can be combined with scar micropigmentation camouflage in order to give the most natural look possible to the breast.

Areola paramedical micropigmentation is usually referred to as a nipple and areola tattoo, but it’s actually quite different from traditional tattooing. Primarily, it is not permanent, but rather semi-permanent. The results last 3-5 years, over which period they gradually fade. To schedule your appointment or a consultation, please click the "Services Tab" and select 3-D Areola service or consultation.

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Who Is Areola and Nipple Tattoo For?

  • For people who had to go through unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, losing their natural breasts, and are having breast reconstruction, after which they get one or both nipple and areola tattoos.

  • People who are going through gender affirmation surgery.

  • People who suffer from a condition called athelia, which means they were born without one or both nipples.

  • People who are looking to enlarge the outer Areola area, due to personal preferences.


Additional Info:

As part of breast reconstruction process, getting 3D nipple tattoos after mastectomy should be covered by insurance. This is a huge relief, but it probably entails dealing with some paperwork. Check with your insurance provider and the salon you’ve chosen about what paperwork you need and how to submit it. If there is an issue with affordability, we have made provisions for you to have the service. Please email us with the details. We will work with you to make sure you can complete your reconstruction journey!

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