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What is Eyebrow Mapping?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We all know by now that brows are very much individual for everyone and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to shaping the brows. So when considering shaping your brows, it’s important that you work towards the correct brow shape for your face and your natural brow shape. This is where brow mapping comes into play!

Brow Mapping is a technique that is used

to help find the ideal brow shape on your face. Brow specialists take multiple measurements of your brows and eyes to establish your correct brow shape. Most often done at a brow salon/brow bar, it is also a technique that you can simplify to undertake at home. In essence it is a process of marking specific points on your brows allowing you to highlight where your eyebrows should start, where the arch should be and where your brow tails should finish. It’s a great way to achieve the perfect brow shape for your face and when done properly, really change the way your face looks, drawing attention to certain areas and away from others.

Why do we need to map our eyebrows?

Let’s be honest, I’m sure we’ve all had brow mishaps whether that’s from years of over plucking, a bad experience at a brow bar or perhaps some brow hair loss so when our brows start to grow back they can often grow out of shape. It is easy to get into the cycle of plucking odd hairs that regrow however in order to get neat, tidy AND correctly shaped brows, we need to map them as a starting point to get an idea where we need to start allowing the hairs to grow back and where we need to be removing hairs. It really is the ‘road map’ to perfect brows.

Why is brow mapping important?

Eyebrow mapping creates the brow shape and size that is correct for your face. Unlike a stencil where you use a ‘pre-shaped’ stencil to draw your brow shape, eyebrow mapping is specific to you, taking into consideration your features. By mapping the brows it brings symmetry to your face as well as balancing the eyes and defining the face and when done correctly, can create the illusion of a lift around the eyes. Win win we’d say! While Brow mapping is regulary used to achieve brow symmetry, experienced brow technicians are able to re create brow shapes tailored to each client without the full use of a brow mapping procedure. They use key parts of the brow including the tip , arch and tail of the brow as well as assessing the brow length to create the recommended shape based on a number of clients factors such as the face shape … Working regularly with different types of brows is the best way to improve your brow work.

How do you map your eyebrows?

When done thoroughly, brow specialists will take multiple measurements and draw a number of guidelines on your face to mark out where your brows should be. There are tools that can be used to make the process easier but if you are trying this out at home as a beginner, you can follow the process simply by using a mirror and an eyebrow pencil as a marker. Now you know what eyebrow mapping is, step away from the tweezers and start to think about the natural shape of your brows. - Source, EyebrowQueen

Come see us at Brow-ish Brow Art Clinic and receive a free consultation and at your request, we will map your brows in your consultation and tell you about your natural eyebrow pattern and which brow shape is best for your face! The Brow Geenie is waiting to grant your brow wish!!

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