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Summer Brow Care: Keeping Your Arches Flawless and Protected

Summer is here, bringing sunny days and warm weather, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges for our beauty routines. One aspect that often gets overlooked during this season is brow care. Whether you have bold, bushy brows or delicate arches, protecting your brows in the summer is essential to maintain their natural beauty. In this blog, we will explore some practical tips and tricks to ensure your brows stay flawless and well-protected throughout the sunny months.

1. Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

Just like you protect your skin from harmful UV rays, your eyebrows also need sun protection. Apply a small amount of sunscreen to your brows each morning, using your fingers or a clean spoolie brush. This simple step will not only safeguard your brows from sunburn but also prevent the fading of brow color caused by sun exposure.

2. Opt for Waterproof Brow Products

With summer comes higher temperatures and the occasional splash in the pool or ocean. To prevent your brow makeup from melting away, consider using waterproof brow products. Waterproof brow pencils, gels, and powders will stay put even during sweaty and wet summer days, ensuring your brows remain picture-perfect.

3. Embrace the Natural Look

Summer is the perfect time to embrace a more natural, effortless look. Consider letting your brows grow out a bit and shaping them in a way that complements your face shape. Avoid over-plucking, as it can make your brows more susceptible to sun damage. Instead, use a spoolie brush to groom your brows gently and fill in any sparse areas with a light hand.

4. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to maintaining healthy skin and hair, including your brows. During the summer, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body and brows well-hydrated. Dehydration can lead to dry, brittle brow hairs, making them more prone to breakage.

5. Use a Hat or Sunglasses

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat or stylish sunglasses not only adds a touch of glamour to your summer outfits but also provides additional protection for your brows and the delicate skin around your eyes. These accessories shield your eyebrows from direct sunlight, reducing the risk of sunburn and premature aging.

6. Avoid Touching Your Brows

Constantly touching or rubbing your brows can transfer oils from your hands, leading to clogged hair follicles and potential breakouts. Be mindful of this habit, especially during sweaty days. If you must adjust your brow makeup, use a clean spoolie brush or a q-tip to avoid transferring bacteria to your brow area.

7. Keep Your Hands Clean

When you're out and about during the summer, it's essential to keep your hands clean to avoid transferring dirt and oil to your brow area. Carry hand sanitizer or cleansing wipes in your bag, allowing you to refresh your hands before touching your face.

8. Regular Brow Care

Summer or not, maintaining a regular brow care routine is vital. Visit a professional brow stylist to get your brows shaped and tidied up every few weeks. A well-groomed brow not only enhances your facial features but also makes it easier to maintain during the summer months.


Your brows play a significant role in framing your face, so it's essential to protect and care for them, especially during the summer. By incorporating sun protection, choosing waterproof products, embracing a natural look, staying hydrated, and avoiding excessive touching, you can ensure your brows remain flawless and healthy throughout the sunny season. With these simple tips, you'll be able to enjoy the summer sun while maintaining beautiful, well-protected brows.

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