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Permanent Lips – What Styles of Tattoo Lip Shading Are There?

Source - The PMU HUB, Image source: Instagram @maria_permanentmakeup_london

Who doesn’t love an enhanced lip? From the everyday subtle pop of color that can refresh your complexion, to the on-point special occasion red lip, many people can’t imagine going through a day without applying some sort of lip makeup. But imagine if you could have the lovely rosy lip of your dreams without having to apply any makeup at all!

Well, it’s actually possible with a semi permanent lip tattoo. Permanent lip shading can enhance your lips by coloring them in with pigments that last up to 5 years without coming off.

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What Are Permanent Lips? Permanent lips are achieved with permanent makeup, a form of cosmetic tattooing that implements PMU pigments into the surface layers of the skin. That way, an illusion of wearing makeup is created and there’s no need to apply lipstick or whatever product you normally wear.

Although it’s achieved through tattooing, permanent lips aren’t actually permanent. The pigments are formulated in such a way that they fade over time – up to 4/5 years – eventually becoming invisible. Unless you get them refreshed, of course.

Here are all the best styles of permanent lips you can choose from based on your favorite lip makeup product.

Full Lip Color Recreates: Matte lipstick and lip Liner The full lip color is the most dramatic style of permanent lips. It implies creating an outline that mimics lip liner, and saturating the whole surface of the lips with pigments so that they look like you’re wearing lipstick. It can be done in any shade, and you can even get the classic red lip. The catch is, however, that you’ll probably need 3-4 tattooing sessions to achieve the opaque effect, as lips only retain a certain amount of pigment at a time. Image source: Instagram @lunar_pmuLip Blush Recreates: Sheer Lipstick Slightly more subtle, the lip blush is the most popular version of the permanent lip shading. It’s a technique that blends color into the lips with more or less opacity, depending on what you want. It’s a very versatile treatment and it can be done in several lip shading patterns, as well as a wide range of colors. The basic lip blush covers the whole lips in pigments evenly. The outline is defined, but not as crisp as with full lip color. Aquarelle Lips Recreates: Lip tint or pigmented gloss Aquarelle lips are a special version of the permanent lips blush which excludes the outline, so the effect is softer. The technique gets its name from watercolor paintings – the idea is for the color to blend into the lips with no sharp transitions. It’s sometimes compared to airbrushing, since there are no sharp edges. The centers of the lips are more saturated in pigment than the outer parts, but there’s no striking color gradient. It’s all very soft and natural-looking. Ombre Lip Blush Recreates: A 2-shade ombre lipstick look The ombre effect is very well known in the beauty industry. It started its journey from our hair colors and made its way into permanent lips techniques. The ombre lip blush is more or less exactly what it sounds like. The lip blushing technique is used to saturate the outer edges of the lips the most, while the color gets gradually more transparent towards the center. The ombre effect adds volume to the lips, so the final result is a visually plumper pout. Image source: Instagram @luxedayspasoho Shaded Lip Liner

Recreates: Lip liner blended into a sheer lipstick or tint The line between shaded lip liner and ombre lip blush is thin. Both styles of permanent lips make the lip outline the darkest, and decrease the pigment saturation towards the center.

The difference is that the shaded liner only goes about halfway down the lip, while the ombre lip blush covers the whole lip, but in a slightly lighter, more sheer color. They both give a plumping effect, but it’s less dramatic with the shaded lip liner. Hardly anyone wears lip liner on its own anymore, but most people who wear lipstick on a regular basis also outline their lips with a lip liner. Getting the permanent version can shorten the makeup routine, as you can just fill in the lips with lipstick or a pigmented gloss – the outline will already be there. The lip liner tattoo can correct minor asymmetry and give the lips some extra volume. You can get it in a flesh-toned shade slightly darker than your natural lips and switch up the color of the lip makeup products you’ll wear over it. It’ll look great with any shade of nude lip makeup, and if you want to wear something totally different, you can cover it up with a lip pencil. So How Do I Choose? If you wear a particular style of lip makeup every day, or at least whenever you leave the house, you should see if it’s possible to get it recreated as a permanent lips. The semi permanent lip shading technique is so versatile, chances are, you can get the exact style and shade you want, and you won’t have to reapply it for up to 5 years. And the best thing about it, you can modify it with regular makeup when you feel like it. The best option for people who like to experiment is a shaded lip liner you can wear with various shades of lipstick.

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