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How to Keep Your Brows Beautiful Between Appointments

As a seasoned beauty babe of course you have your standing brow appointment to keep those brows looking like a million bucks but what happens when some time has passed and your in between your appointment and those brows aren't looking as sharp as they did when you left your brow studio? What do you do?

Brow-ish has your answer. You must have an arsenal of brow tools that will keep your brows ready to be seen in public when you are in between appointments!

First, you must have your trusty Brow-ish brow pencil! When your brows start losing their beautiful shape because your wayward hairs have started to grow back in. You use your trusty pencil to augment the shape to a a more pleasant shape without giving away that fact that you need a a Brow Sculpt and Clean Up.

Use your angled brow brush to soften the look of your newly penciled in brows to give you the look of a powdery soft brow.

Second, use your trusty Brow-ish Brow Gel to hold those brow hairs in place and give you a beautiful shape until you have you next Brow-ish appointment.

Lastly, where would we be without a good brow highlighter and concealer pencil? Well, at Brow-ish Brow Art Clinic you can get two for the price of one. Our combo Highlighter and Concealer pencil will complete your look by concealing the shape of your beautiful brows and flip the pencil and highlight that beautiful brow bone. Make your brows be the "brows on fleek" with this trusty tool.

So on your next appointment at Brow-ish Brow Art Clinic, don't forget your tools of the trade that will keep you "brow ready" in between your appointments! On every purchase receive a free tutorial on how to use your newly acquired brow equipment!

See you soon at your next appointment!

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