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How important is the Touch Up?

You've decided to have permanent make up. You've booked your appointment and you've even had your first what? SCHEDULE YOUR TOUCH UP!!

It's so important that everyone understand that the brow permanent make up service is a two step process! Having your first brow appointment, getting the brows you love and have always wanted is such a momentous occasion in your life but don't forget to make your touch up appointment!

To complete the service you must return in six to eight weeks. Your brow artist needs to see how your brows have healed meaning how they took the ink, if they have faded or settled and healed just right. Don't worry if your brows are light or even have faded a lot, your touch up appointment is where your brow artist gets to fix all those little idiosyncrasies and "perfect" your brows!

If you choose not to keep your appointment, you run the risk of your brows being incomplete, fading or healing uneven in some places. You need the second session to discuss your healing process, the 14 days after your first appointment and any questions you have for your brow artist.

So give yourself the best outcome, schedule and keep your touch up appointment. It is the difference between so so brows and the BROWS of life! See you at your touch up!


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