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A guide to Eyebrows shapes for different face types Source - EyebrowQueen

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Eyebrows are possibly the most important part of your face and a good brow can either make or break your look! When done correctly, they can create much needed structure and balance to the face! On our blog ‘Eyebrow trends through the decades, we’ve seen over the years that ‘one brow shape does not fit all’ and this blog is designed to explore eyebrows shapes for different face types to help you determine which shape is best for you!

Knowing your face shape is the first step to perfect shaped brows

In order to know which shaped eyebrows suit you, you will firstly need to identify your own face shape. Face shapes can be identified by drawing an imaginary picture frame around the face. The eyebrows form the top of the frame, the jaw line forms the bottom of the frame and the sides are formed between the temples and the jaw line.

Enhancing your facial features with brow shaping

By tweaking our brow shapes we can cleverly change the proportion of the facial features creating the illusion of a slightly different face shape. This can be done by raising, lowering or lengthening the upper frame by changing the brow shape. For example you can make a short square face look longer just by raising the eyebrows by creating an arch.

Similarly, if we lengthen the tails of the brows, the brow area will look wider in turn making the jawline appear slimmer in proportion. Those with wide-set eyes can make them appear closer together by keeping the brows close-set. The bridge of the nose can be made to look slimmer by doing this also. Fuller brows can make your whole face appear smaller, rounded brows can make your face look rounder and having softer contoured brows will soften an angular face. By adding sharper angles into your brows you can make a softer rounder face look more shapely. It’s all a bit of trickery cleverly achieved by shaping the brows.

Finding the exact eyebrow shape for different face types can seem like a tricky task however it really is a case of looking at what features you wish to highlight and emphasise or alternatively ‘draw attention away from’

For more check out the post at the EyebrowQueen -

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