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Are Permanent Make Up (Brow) Services Considered a Luxury Service?

Yes, permanent makeup services are considered a luxury service. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of tattooing techniques to apply pigment to the skin, giving the appearance of makeup that does not need to be reapplied daily. The procedure is often used to enhance features such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color.

Permanent makeup services are typically more expensive than traditional makeup application services because they require specialized training and equipment. Additionally, the procedure is semi-permanent, meaning that touch-ups are often required to maintain the desired appearance over time, adding to the overall cost.

While permanent makeup services are becoming more popular and widely available, they are still considered a luxury service that is typically offered in upscale studios, salons and spas. The cost of permanent makeup services varies depending on the location, the expertise of the technician, and the extent of the procedure.

Brow-ish Brow Art Clinic offers permanent make up in the areas of Brows and Lips. We also specialize in Para-Medical tattoos for women who have undergone breast reconstruction. We are 12 times certified in various brow techniques, lip neutralization, lip blush, 3-D areola tattoos and scar camouflage. We have received the best of the industry training and we offer our clients a total, unlike any other experience while at their appointment. We pride ourself in 5 star experiences (check our google reviews). Book your appointment today and get ready for the experience of your life!

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